All the real estate tech you need in one place.



Everything in one place

Multiple passwords are frustrating. Thankfully, just one log in leads to all your Switch applications. That means easy access to everything and no multiple log ins, with all the tech and support you need in one place.


A single data hub to track metrics

Trackula collects all digital touchpoints from your property campaigns, allowing you to follow vendors and buyers alike. This gives you complete oversight on all digital platforms they engage with and when enabling you to follow up fast and never miss an opportunity. 


Works across all devices

 No juggling required, as you can use Switch on any device across your systems. If you're on the go or back at the office, you can access all the tools you need seamlessly and answer any client requests quickly.


Meet Switchboard 

Switchboard is the agency intranet, the go-to place for all your company information. A dedicated hub for how to guides, our help centre, ordering newsletters and much much more. 


The Switch Brand Hub

Our online brand hub is where you can access all brand assets in an easy and convenient location for you to use. Easy to navigate and operate this guide will give you all you need to expand your brand as far as you can dream. 


The Switch Shop - COMING SOON

An easy and convenient way to order any marketing, promotional or sales materials. Constantly updated with new and exciting ways to promote your brand, the shop is the place to make sure you are never short of ideas for your brand. 


Bespoke vendor app

Each of your vendors can access our bespoke app, packed with all the information they'll need to help sell their property. It features all marketing activity, so they can track the campaign performance, while you can track what interests them.


CRM integration

Your CRM links with the Switch dashboard to create a seamless workflow between the two. This ensures data seamlessly flows between platforms to ensure optimum efficiencies and speed. 


Property Intelligence app

The app digs deep. It collates and analyses multiple publicly available datasets to reveal market intelligence on all properties and prices in your local area. It ensures this extraordinary area knowledge is all in one place, ready to be accessed anytime.


Customer tracking 

Our online tracking has been designed specially to give you the insights that you need. See what vendors are looking at and when, what potential buyers are interested in and use that data to leverage the best possible outcome.


Open Home app - COMING SOON

An open home check-in app to collect interested parties' data to enable you to continue driving buyer excitement for the property. You can track data points as they move to other digital marketing assets, while you have a complete record of who attended.


Digital sign offs - COMING SOON

This simplifies the process for vendor sign off, sometimes an area of inevitable delays. Vendors can digitally sign agency agreements and marketing plans, which in turn reduces your out-of-office meeting times and frees up your working day.



Online design

Our team will create and manage all design for your property marketing campaigns through our Apollo system. This provides a simple, time-efficient process for all property marketing through your Switch support team. 


Property proposals

This simple online tool helps you create full property proposals, including comparable sales and a marketing campaign proposal, that can then be sent digitally to clients. This process enables you to track when they view the proposal and what they spend time with. 


Social media campaigns

We create and run property social marketing campaigns at the click of a button. Our targeted marketing services ensure campaigns run automatically, while tracking all data and leads that return to the property microsites.


Property microsites

Automatically create stunning property microsites for all property listings. These unique sites help drive awareness and also your own brand through effective SEO. It's a simple process that gives an in-depth and complete 360 property marketing campaign.