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How to attract Feng Shui buyers to your home

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It’s not just Chinese buyers who believe that Feng Shui is one of the most important factors when buying property, many Australians also believe in this principle. Feng Shui is all about creating a harmonious environment and a free flow of energy throughout the home. So if you want to maximise the number of people who are attracted to your Sydney home, incorporating Feng Shui elements is a good place to start.

This will be easier if you are staging your home for sale, but you can still use many of the Feng shui elements in your home, even if you aren’t using a professional staging company. Since many homeowners also undertake a minor cosmetic makeover before placing their property on the market, it won’t take much more effort to make your home harmonise with the principals of Feng Shui. So here are five Feng Shui makeover tips for your property.

1. Select the appropriate colours for your home

The right colours will bring the desired Feng Shui energies into your home, so if you are considering repainting, make sure you select the right colour scheme. Let’s take a look at some of the colours that will help to harmonise the energies of your home.

  • Yellow is uplifting and will brighten your home. It’s ideal for kitchens, family rooms and children’s bedrooms. Since you can use any tone of yellow, you might find that a warm buttery tone suits your needs perfectly.
  • Red is all about passion, joy and excitement, but also represents luck and happiness. It’s one of the strongest colours in Feng Shui and can be used to shift the energies in your home. All tones of red are ideal for the home, but you might want to keep this colour to the lampshades, vases and artworks, rather than the walls!
  • Green is a fresh colour that represents renewal and regeneration. You can introduce green using plants, but it’s also ideal for rooms that face northeast, as well as the kitchen or dining room. Painting your front door green brings wealth into your home.
  • White is a popular colour and many homeowners have embraced this neutral colour, and since it represents purity, it’s a good choice. It’s also another colour that’s ideal for the kitchen and bathrooms, but avoid it in the dining room.

2. Use mirrors for good Feng Shui

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to improve the Feng Shui of your home, as they can help to shift and refocus energies.  Mirrors can invite energy into a space by reflecting the image of a natural element into a room, for example the reflection of a river or trees. Mirrors should always be placed with intent, because this heightens the effect of the positive energies. The best places for mirrors in your home are usually in the front foyer, but not facing the front door or the staircase, as this is bad Feng Shui. Don’t place mirrors so that they face one another as this causes energy to bounce chaotically, but a mirror above a fireplace encourages tranquillity and in the dining room invites wealth and abundance.

3. Create a relaxing master suite with Feng Shui

The master suite is an important area when you are selling your home, so it needs to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Your bed needs to be positioned facing the door if possible, but definitely not directly in line with the door in the ‘coffin position’. The headboard needs to be against a solid wall with space on the other three sides, and avoid placing the headboard against a wall that has a toilet directly behind the wall. 

Also, solid headboards are better than those with cut-outs or bars, clear out all clutter from under the bed, and if you must use this space for storage make sure it’s only for sleep related belongings, such as extra pillows or blankets. Lastly, remove the TV or computer from your bedroom and locate them elsewhere in your home.

4. Introduce good Feng Shui with living plants

Buyers who practice Feng Shui will appreciate plants in your home as they bring balance and prevent energy stagnating, as well as clearing the air and removing allergens. Good plants for positive Feng Shui include Peace Lilies, Mother-in-Laws Tongue, and Money Trees, such as Jade and Bonsais, but avoid anything spikey, such as cacti. For even more positive energy, place a vase of freshly cut flowers on a table in front of a mirror.

5. Declutter your home

Since good Feng Shui is all about a free flow of energy throughout your home, decluttering is important. This is something you will likely perform before placing your property on the market anyway, but it’s vital if you want to attract Feng Shui buyers. According to Feng Shui, clutter steals your energy, so the more clutter in your home, the less energy you feel. When buyers walk into your home you want them to feel peaceful and happy, not tense and sad, particularly if they feel this way because your home is cluttered. Remember the old adage - that less is more!


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