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5 reasons winter is a wonderful time to sell

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Many may believe that summer, when the weather is warm, is the ideal time to list your property on the market. However on the flipside, winter is actually a good time to list your home.  Let's look into why the colder months are a hot time to sell.


1. People are around home

During the summer months families are on holidays, people are travelling and want to spend time outdoors or at the beach. During the winter, the lower temperatures make you feel like you want to stay close to home, people are around on weekends to inspect homes and they will also happily spend longer searching online for the perfect property.

2. Winter means serious buyers

Inspections when the weather is warmer can attract a good deal of ‘buyers’ who enjoy viewing property simply to see what the market is doing in certain price ranges. However, those that are out there in the elements to look through a property are likely to be serious buyers. While you may have less traffic through the door, your property will be viewed by more motivated and serious potential purchasers.

3. Less competition from other sellers

Less properties on the market means that there is less competition from properties similar to yours and therefore gain more attention from potential purchasers. Less stock means fewer inspections at the same time and potentially more web and foot traffic to your listing.

4. Coziness increases the appeal of your house

Many homes tend to have a warmer and friendlier atmosphere during the winter months, cosy fireplaces and heaters, decorative throws and blankets and lower winter sun. Buyers feel comfortable and relaxed, making it easier to imagine themselves in their potential new house.

5. Temperature consistency

Some properties can be too hot during the daytime in summer, depending on the aspect and location of the home. Listing in the winter will negate midday heating spells making it more tranquil and therefore more appealing to potential buyers.

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