Our Platform

Every platform claims that they're different. That they're unique. But how can that be possible when they all use the same 3rd party tech for everything?

Our state-of-the-art platform is made up of bespoke technology, empowering the best of Sydney real estate to dream bigger.

Switch gives you the service you've always dreamt of.

Total Ownership, Total Control

Switch is a bespoke platform, made for simplifying workflows to and collect and use data for your advantage. Our award-winning software engineers and data scientists have built one-of-a-kind analysis tools, meaning we have insights that the rest of our competition lack.

With the goal to always dream bigger, our tailored platform helps you get even further ahead in the marketplace.

Seamless Service

Through our bespoke digital suite, constant and clear communication is made the new normal. Everything that you need is in one place, seamlessly linking agents and sellers and keeping both involved in the whole process.

Real estate can be stressful and time consuming: spend less time with overcomplicated explanations and more time on dreaming bigger with our integrated mobile app. Enjoy complete oversight of the selling journey with transparency and ease.

Unique from End to End

Our bespoke algorithms mean not only true differentiation from other agencies, but also a distinctive digital strategy to sell your home. Leading with insight-driven design, we ensure market visibility and a high-profile network.

Touchpoints and Checkpoints

Selling property is no longer as simple as it used to be: through technology and globalisation, the process has added complexity and intricacies.

To ensure that your property is cutting through the noise and reaching the right people, Switch offers its inclusive portal, actively managing ongoing marketing with its target audience. Our technology enables our agents to have complete oversight of their campaigns in real time, meaning continuous optimisation and recalibration to further its success.

Dream Bigger

Switch has only just started its revolution: instead of moving alongside the seismic waves of the world, we want to be the ones that cause it. Where change is necessary, vision is continuously expanding, we challenge you to dream even bigger. To not go forwards is to go backwards.

Make the Switch and always stay ahead of the pack.