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There's no denying the impact that having a prominent brand will have on your success as a Real Estate Agent. As all the leading global corporations know, a strong and identifiable brand presence is the most powerful way of attracting more customers to your business, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

Successful companies spend significant time and money on developing their brands, realising that the various components of their branding like logo and website design, are what will garner them widespread recognition.

As a Real Estate Agent, having a well-planned brand strategy is essential to your survival in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With so many Agents in your area, your brand collateral needs to present you as being truly unique, an Agent of distinction, whom vendors would naturally wish to list their property with, when the time comes to sell.

Simply put, your brand should be regarded as an invaluable asset to your business. Much like your staff talent, technological resources and database of clients, a well-crafted brand is instrumental in generating profit for your business.

"Creating a market leading brand without an integrated approach, the right technological tools and a dedicated team of marketing specialists can be a difficult feat to accomplish on your own."

There's no doubt that having a well-oiled, digital brand machine also provides the added advantage of saving you time for all of your core, profit making activities, such as prospecting. With less time spent on marketing tasks, you will have more time to close this quarter's deals and hunt for new listings.

Perception is everything

Branding is fundamentally about how your business is perceived in the collective consumer consciousness. As is commonly known, brand is a major factor in influencing consumer's purchasing decisions. Being so much more than just the visual features like logo and website design, your company's brand is almost interchangeable with it's reputation.

All the unique elements of your company's public identity including visual style features, standard of customer service and company culture are responsible for influencing the public's perception of your business. Your brand is essentially a culmination of all the individual associations and experiences that the general public have had with your business.

It's no wonder then that those companies who have managed to cultivate a largely favourable public perception of their brand are always the most resilient to harsh economic conditions. A well-defined company brand can also be a powerful force of goodwill, bolstering staff morale and promoting public trust in the firm.

Creating a market leading brand without an integrated approach, the right technological tools and a dedicated team of marketing specialists can be a difficult feat to accomplish on your own.Additionally, your company website requires constant upkeep to ensure that information remains current, and the visual elements stay sharp and fresh.

With so many Agents applying the same generic approach to their marketing campaigns, how do you stand out from the rest of the pack? Your marketing needs to convey your unique brand voice. In Real Estate, you are your brand. It's you that the clients form an attachment to, not your agency or franchise. Therefore, what makes you unique needs to be reflected in your brand.

Making your brand shine

In order to have an effective brand marketing campaign that distinguishes you as the Agent of Choice in your local area, you need to firstly identify what your point of difference is. In other words, what special quality do you possess that would convince prospective vendors to entrust you with selling their most treasured material asset?

Differentiation vs Distinctiveness

The two basic requirements for a supreme company brand that will spark public interest in your business and drive more sales, are the concepts of Differentiation and Distinctiveness.


Differentiation happens when your unique competitive advantage makes you stand out above the other agents. It's about showing what makes you truly different from the competition.

  • Ask yourself what makes you special. What do you offer that the other Agents don't?
  • Send a survey to a section of your clients in order to find out what they value the most in the services of a Real Estate Agent.
  • Analyse what your competitors are up to. What do they offer that you don't?
  • Discover the difference between you and your competitors. This is the Holy Grail for differentiating your brand. Once you have established your point of difference, it will be easier to attract clients.


This covers the style elements of your brand. The visual aspects such as logo, colour scheme and company lettering make up your individual brand language.

  • Must be instantly recognisable.
  • Need to have the same tone of voice and be consistently displayed across all of your branding.
  • Should reflect the unique flavour of your brand.
  • Will become ingrained in the sensory memories of your audience.
  • It's your Distinctiveness that will ensure that vendors instantly think of you when they wish to sell their properties.

Once you have established what your key selling point is, you can build your brand around it. By accentuating this outstanding attribute, you are creating differentiation for your brand. You have something of extreme value for your clients, that the competition don't have. This is why vendors should choose you.

Considering the long-term connection to your brand, the visual indications should exude an understated quality, their appeal must be resistant to the passing trends and tastes of future generations.

The number one rule of branding is consistency. Whatever style combinations you ultimately decide upon, these visual features will need to continually appear throughout all of your company's communications.

Over time, with large scale displays, these visual notes of your brand will become stored in the sensory memory banks of the general public. They are brilliantly effective at springing to mind whenever a prospective vendor is wondering which agency to list their property with.

The solution is with Switch

Agents without a dominant brand presence risk being overshadowed and even phased out by their competitors. The truth of the matter is that if you expect to make your mark as the leading Agent in your area, you need a sophisticated brand strategy to turbo charge your sales results to the next level.

Developing a world-class brand is a complex and time-consuming endeavour that requires the most experienced team of marketing professionals to guide you through the process.

Sure, there are elite branding agencies who provide this service to Agents, however their fees are often upwards of $60,000. Just imagine how effective having a marketing team on-hand twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week would be in helping you take your brand to a whole new dimension.

At Switch, we are a team of marketing professionals who have years of experience in mentoring Real Estate Agents to achieve greater levels of success. Consisting of Creative Directors, Marketers and Designers, we thoroughly understand your industry and know what it takes to make you shine.

Think of it this way, Switch act as your in-house marketing service. We will identify what makes you unique, and apply our proven formula to construct a world-class brand that showcases your individual voice and personality.

In our capable hands, you get the full marketing treatment. Our specialists will shape your brand into the money-making asset that it needs to be, based on those unique qualities that provide value to your clients. We'll weave our creative magic across your team and agent websites, signboards, hardcopy brochures, messaging channels and social media templates. Our high-impact approach will make you look like the Superstar Agent that vendors will want to work with.

If you're determined to have a status building brand that generates more sales, then speak with us today.

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