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Building a Continuous Sales Pipeline

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As any successful Property Sales Entrepreneur will tell you, the key to really hitting the big time in Real Estate is having a constant flow of new leads. 

Your past sales performance will only get you so far. Your continued success in the industry relies on your ability to build a healthy sales pipeline. After you've closed your current deals, you will need to have some new listings in order to maintain the momentum. 

The challenge in Real Estate is how to juggle the demands of the present with the demands of the future. With so many loose ends to tie up in order to push your current deals across the line, it can be hard to find the time to build a pipeline of new leads.

While there might be some merit in the old-school approach of picking up the phone and cold calling potential leads, this method is hardly the most effective way of building your pipeline. There's no doubt that a robust, digitally advanced marketing campaign is vastly superior to any traditional sales activity, for raising awareness of your brand and attracting new leads, in virtually no time at all.

You've created brand differentiation that sets your Agency apart from the competition. This unique appeal can then be communicated to the market. Tired of all the bland marketing communications they receive from those other generic agencies, you have something that is both exciting and new. Then add to that an engaging visual identity that communicates this difference - you have a winning formula. Now you are set up to market your services better.

Marketing your business for maximum sales success

If you're serious about rocket launching your sales results to the outer reaches of the Property galaxy, then you need a comprehensive, tech-driven marketing campaign to help you achieve this. 

One of the most important objectives of any targeted marketing campaign is to ensure that your brand is always top of mind. With so many Agents to choose from in their local areas, the profile of your business needs to stand way taller than those of your competitors, in the collective public consciousness.

Real Estate marketing campaigns are about creating communications that will ensure you are at the top of mind with vendors when they start to think about selling. 

In fact, only a tiny portion of your prospective clients will be "on the market" right now. You need to be concerned about being top of mind with those passive vendors who are not currently wanting to list their homes. You need to start nurturing these vendors now.

It's all about building strong relationships

When considering a "Buyer's Pyramid" model, your client base is neatly categorised into segments of the pyramid. The vast majority of vendors will be the passive ones, making up the longest segment of the pyramid right at the bottom. Whereas the "hot" vendors, or those wanting to sell right now, will represent the smallest segment in the top point of the pyramid. Your marketing campaign needs to be customised to appeal to vendors in each of these segments.

Real Estate marketing is a long game. It's all about building your reputation as an Agent of distinction, a real authority on all Property related matters. Your marketing campaign needs to reflect this by generating regular digital content across all of the popular social media platforms.

Digital platforms operate 24/7, and can accurately target vendors in your area with relevant messages that are tailored to them.Whilst advertising your current listings on those platforms is essential to attract clients who are looking to buy right now, the bulk of your content needs to be concentrated on developing your relationships with those passive vendors.

In order to build trust for your brand and present you as an expert in your field, your social media updates should be informative and offer valuable advice for both vendors and purchasers. This is how you carefully cultivate a strong and enduring relationship with clients. Offering your expertise freely builds trust and showcases your knowledge of all things property. 

Including strong lead capture across your communications is also critical. The easier you make it for your audience to contact you the better. By encouraging interested followers to leave their contact information, including telephone numbers and email addresses, you can then add these details to your Client Database.

Having a database of contact information allows you to send regular Electronic Direct Messages (EDMs) to your followers. EDMs are one of the best ways to engage with your vendor community and to maintain client relationships. Sending regular emails to your client base every week ensures that you remain firmly in their consciousness. 

Email tracking technology affords you the option of knowing when an email has been opened, thereby providing a great opportunity to make a follow-up phone call, to discuss what the client thought of the information they received. 

There's nothing like meeting the client in person

Furthermore, advertising your open-for-inspections on the digital platforms can help to attract a large number of visitors for you to meet and greet in person. There is simply no more effective way of building a relationship with a client than through a face-to-face chat with them. 

Clients list with Agents that they know and like. By meeting with prospective clients at your opens, you have an invaluable chance to connect with them on a personal level, thereby establishing a unique chemistry that will positively influence their decision to list with your Agency when the time comes to sell. 

Additionally, meeting with the vendor in person allows you to ask for referrals amongst any of their friends who may be looking to sell in the near future.

At your opens, always make a point of asking visitors for their contact details so that you can add them to your Mailing List, and set diary reminders to phone them for catch-ups at regular intervals in order to maintain the relationship. 

Creating opportunities to meet clients in person should be the ultimate goal of all of your marketing endeavours. 

The need to Switch

Your Real Estate business deserves a state-of-the-art, marketing campaign in order to generate leads and ramp-up your sales results. Although for the average Real Estate Agent who does not have a PhD in Digital Marketing, navigating your way through the high-tech world of Trend Analysis, Measurable Engagement Analytics and Customer Lifestyle Tracking can be a daunting and even overwhelming task.

Furthermore, consistently producing informative and visually polished Content is extremely time consuming and requires the skills of an elite Creative Department of Marketeers, Strategists, Graphic Designers and the like. You would be right in guessing that marketing your business is better left to the experts.

At Switch, we provide all the creative and technological talent you need for a world-class marketing campaign. Our team have extensive experience in coaching Real Estate Agencies just like yours to reach the peak of sales success.

Think of it this way. We are your in-house Marketing Department that have all your marketing needs at our command. You name it – Photographers, Social Strategists, Developers, Videographers, etc, we can provide it all.

Taking care of your Agency's digital touchpoints is our Number One priority. Leaving it to the professionals means that we take care of everything. Give Switch a call today.

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